Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween! Since about 2:15pm this afternoon our life has been nonstop. Aiden, Cai and I got dressed in our costumes (with lots of layers underneath to try and keep warm) and went to pick up Ian at school by 3. We stopped at Mark's office. Ian changed. I came up with a paper mustache since the felt one seemed to disappear. We then said goodbye to Dad and headed out to main street for trick or treating downtown.
Bowser, Waluigi, and Wario from Nintendo
 The boys had a great time. It was crowded and crazy. We did run into Ian's teacher and a few friends. I heard a few kids say "Hey that's Bowser." Feeling pretty good about that.
Check out his spikes!
 Poor Ian and Aiden got mistaken for Luigi. It frustrated Ian, but he was usually too shy to correct people. Aiden got lots of comments on his mustache. He does look mighty adorable.
growling faces
 In addition to lots of candy, the boys got cars at one store and a book at the bookstore. And I got a complement on my TARDIS dress by someone who recognized who I was. Made my day. I'm still smiling thinking of it.
The black spikes are a slap bracelet which Cai loved
After we decided we had had enough cold and wet, we headed back up to Dad's office to enjoy a couple of pieces of candy and check in.The hurricane is causing all sorts of work for Mark, so he was crazy busy. We quickly said goodbye again and headed to Aunt Rachel's.
The wind made keeping the had on hard
 Had a quick dinner (peanut butter or soynut butter tortillas with honey) and then headed out to trick or treat with the cousins. Josiah's cheetah costume is awesome. All the boys seem to be obsessed with Cheetah Power off of Wild Krats (PBS kids). It's mostly cute. Although there are afternoons here at home I"m ready to ban the words. In door races can only be handled for so long.
Four out of Five boys- the youngest didn't want to walk
 While it was cold this afternoon, the temp dropped after 5pm. It was freezing by the time we called it a night at about 6pm. I'm not sure how the boys handled it. But they had a great time. We adults couldn't walk fast enough and spent most of the evening tell them to wait up or just yelling STOP! Sigh.
For about two blocks they all held hands while walking/skipping down the sidewalk
 After warming up for a bit at Rach's, we went on to a Halloween party at her high school friends house.  Mark was able to join for the party and help me get boys to bed. Now he is back to work. :( All and all it was a good Halloween. Now if only I could warm up.

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