Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin picking

I've been really slacking on the posting here. Not sure why I have not had the motivation to post. Anyway thought it was time to post again. And what better thing to tell you all about then our pumpkin picking adventures. :) This week is fall break. Starting this year the school district is going toward a "more balanced schedule," meaning we started really early in Aug, we get a week for fall break and almost a week and  a half for spring break, and go almost to the end of May. So the boys have all been home all week. Because of this Mark decided to take Wednesday off and we all went out to Fashion Farm near Ligonier, IN. In addition to all their pumpkins and gourds, they have several fun activities for families. The main attraction is the Pumpkin Fantasyland. This year's theme was video games.

 The boys loved it. If I haven't mentioned lately the boys have really been into Super Mario brothers.

We have my old Super Nintendo which the boys enjoy playing basketball, Super Mario World and most of all Mario Cart. In addition, Mark has set up a Nintendo simulator that has Nintendo 64 games in addition to the older games. Ian's favorite it Mario Cart and he is pretty good too.

So how cool was it that they had a Mario Cart pumpkin display.

In addition to Wario, who Aiden will be for Halloween this year, and Bowser, who Cai will be. No Waluigi sadly  That would have really made Ian's day as for some strange reason he seems to be his favorite character right now.

The boys did get to be in a racer with the display :)

My favorite one of the frogger which spread out along a whole wall at the end. I did not take any pictures of it. I'm not sure why now.

I did like the Pac Man display as well as the Angry Birds.

Sadly my Angry Birds picture does not do it justice. Mark and my biggest problem was the not all the facts were correct. With all the information out there it feels like such mistakes should not be there. The correct gaming facts are all available with a quick internet search. But we are video gamers, even if we are not as dedicated as others out there.
After the fantasy land we headed toward the corn maze.

Right before you get to the maze there was this jeep. It's hard to see but the driver and passenger are Burt and Ernie from Sesame Street. It was great!

They loved it. We could hardly keep up. The corn was sorta short so Mark and I could see over. But the boys loved it so it's all good.

There was a restraunt we ate lunch at and a crawl through hay maze. This was in a barn and you used a flash light to get through. Again big hit. In fact Ian said it was is favorite part. I think he went through 5 times or so. :) And of course we got pumpkins. They were all pretty big. We had to make a rule that you had to at least be able to lift your pumpkin yourself, not carry it, just lift. Still they are all good size which is cool

It was a great day. We all had fun. Now we just have to carve pumpkins. But that will wait till we are alittle closer to Halloween. It's coming soon!

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Wow, what a cool pumpkin patch!