Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to make a Bowser costume

 Cai wanted to be Bowser for Halloween this year. I looked up some ideas on google but mostly decided to do it myself. Fair warning right now you need lots of toilet paper tubes. :)

Supplies: (I think I listed them all)
thick cardboard -big enough to make a shell for your back
thin cardboard (think cereal box)
15 empty toilet paper tubes (or 9 paper towel rolls cut in half)
Yellow felt
Green hat (I used fleece)
White duck tape
Red feathers
pair of old socks (preferably white)
white, green and yellow pant
scotch tape
Hot glue and glue gun
needle and thread- either yellow or white

 Take your big piece of cardboard and draw your shell shape- big oval that will fit your kid's (or your own) back. Cut out shape. At this time I also drew marks as to where my spikes would go. I placed 10 spikes on the shell. I suppose you could add more or less.
 Make you spikes. I took my toilet paper tubs and cut three triangles into the top. Then I used scotch tape to take them together to make the point. At the bottom I cut slits to allow me to glue the bottom to the shell.
 Hot glue all your spikes onto your shell.
 Cut the elastic to the size you'll need to go around your shoulders. I poked holes into my shell and threaded the elastic though the shell and tied the ends together to make one big loop. Then I hot glued this down to the shell under spikes. I felt this make the elastic more secure. I'm sure you could just hot glue it to the back if you want.
 At this point I used white spray paint to cover the whole shell. It did not coat the spikes very well. I ended up going back over all the spikes with white acrylic paint. The boys helped me with this part and the green paint as well.
 Use your green paint for the shell. I had to use two coats. Then I used yellow acrylic paint around the base of each spike. The yellow band is probably about 1/2 inch.

To finish I added white felt around the edges. You could just paint a white boarder around the edge and have similar results.
 For the horns on the hat I used thin cardboard (an old coca cola box), toilet paper tubs scotch tape and a pair of old socks.
 I cut out the shape of the horn on the cardboard. Taped this together at the narrow end. Then taped the tube in between to give it a 3D shape.
 I slipped a sock onto each horn to help give it shape and have something to wrap my tape around. I then used white duck tape to cover the horns completely.
 For my hat I cut holes into the side of my fleece hat. I liked the fleece because it didn't fray when I cut into it. I slipped my horn into place and hot glued down. You could add yellow band with pain at the end of the horns to make them looks like the spike on the shell. I didn't bother though.
Mark was my model :)
Taking my hot glue gun I glued down the feathers over the eyes for eyebrows and along the top and over the back. I looked at images on google to give me an idea of how Bowsers head looks. He has a sorta red mohawk going on. So I tried to recreate that. 
For his tail, I first made three more spikes just like I did for the shell. I then took my yellow felt and folded so that it created a triangle. Using some thread I hand stitched it together. I then made three cuts where I wanted my spikes to be and pushed them through the inside out. I hot glued them in place. Rather than attempting to figure out how to attach the tail to his pants, I hot glued the tail to the shell. Making the shell and tail all one piece. Hot Glue is my friend. Really!!!

Viola! You now have a shell, tail and hat for Bowser. Wear yellow top and bottoms. Add spike bracelets and you're done. I found black spiked slap bracelets at Dollar Tree. Other idea I saw in my searching online where the metal and leather ones. I couldn't find any when I was looking. To be really authentic you would need bracelets at the wrists, around your biceps and then a spiked choker around the neck. We only had the two so around the wrists/forearms worked for us. :)  I'm pretty proud of this costume. Hope you enjoy it as much as us!!!

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