Friday, May 22, 2009

Asparagus and Rain boots

Wednesday the boys and I went downtown in the morning. I was in need of turquoise thread. I have some turquoise solarveil that I plan on sewing into a sling. Solarveil is a protective fabric that is very light weight and dry fast. I'm very much looking forward to using it at the pool. :) Here is the link to the pattern I'm going to use. She has a small explanation of solarveil. Unfortunately its getting very hard to find because the manufactures went out of business. I can't even remember where I found mine. Ok, so back to Wednesday. After we went tot the fabric store we went to Pages (a book and coffee shop) for a cinnamon roll and coffee. While there Ian asked to go to Healthy Baby Boutique, which is right next door on the second level. So we headed on up. While up there we found these awesome boots.I've been looking for a fun pair of rain boots for Ian. But I was trying to stay away from Disney themed ones that are so easily found at Target and such. I was very excited about these. They are from Melissa and Doug toy company and were a reasonable price. Ian was also very excited. He demanded to wear them as soon as I had paid for them. Which was right after I told him we could buy them because he wanted to wear them right then. :)He has been wearing them almost ever since. He will wear them around the house first thing when he gets up. This morning all he had on was his underwear and these boots. too bad I didn't get a picture of that.

So on our way out to the car, we past through Prairie Harvest, the local natural foods store. And one of the women caught me and told me they had asparagus held back for me. I have been going into this store for two weeks looking for asparagus. And every time I just miss it. I know several of the workers personally and am getting to know the ones I don't better all the time. I love that they remembered I was looking and held it back for me. :) It just made my day. So I now have fresh, local asparagus waiting to be used. Last night I made the Pizza Braid, instead of the Cowboy pasta. It turned out really well. And we all loved it. I think tonight I'll use the asparagus and save the Cowboy pasta for next week sometime. I've been wanting to try this Asparagus "Pesto" recipe I found over at Tiny Morsels. I really hope it tastes as good as it sounds.

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Allison said...

Those boots are adorable! Way better than Disney. And of course Ian makes them look even cuter!