Monday, May 11, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Well last week seemed to go fast. And something tells me this week will too. I just hope I have a few less power struggles this week. The Asian chicken wraps went over ok. I really liked them. Mark thought it was good, but it didn't make it on his must repeat list. And Ian, well wraps are tricky with Ian. He ate a few bites, so I won't complain too much. Didn't get to the baked chicken on Tues. We went to Wichita so Mark could work. He does contract computer work for my mom's church. Then we picked him up a bicycle listed on Craig's list. We have already gone on a family bike ride. On Saturday we rode down the bike trail by the river that is just newly done. It goes right through our friend's back yard where we were going to celebrate his birthday. Ian had a great time. Our friend J and M bought a house and it's been in need of major repair. So they are living in a trailer parked next to the house and are renovating it. J has done most of the work himself thus far. Currently they have the house jacked up and have been digging a basement underneath. It's all dug out, just needs to be leveled after all the storms we've had. There is a huge pile of dirt in their yard. So Ian and several other little boys at the party had a great time digging, running up and down, and just playing in the dirt. I still need to clean all the mud off his shoes. :) Well here is the dinner plan for this week. Looks like the end of the week I won't really be cooking at all. We're going to grill at a friends house on Thursday. I always love when T invites us over. Friday we'll be heading to Hays. I'm going to hang out with an old high school friend of mine. Saturday I'll attend her college graduation and then in the afternoon head over to my step-sisters reception for her high school graduation. I'm pretty excited. Excited to hang out with K. And also very excited to see my father who will be coming in for my step-sister's graduation. :) Although I know the whole weekend is going to be filled with stress. Wish me luck!

Monday: Green spaghetti, potato salad and leftover spinach and strawberry salad
Tuesday: Broccoli and bacon quiche, maybe muffins?
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Grill at T's, I've offered to bring brownies
Friday: Out to eat (hopefully with my brother on our way through. If he's not working )
Saturday: Reception and/or dinner with Dad and Step-mom
Sunday: Breakfast dinner

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