Monday, May 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Well this last weeks menus got completely shuffled and even changed some days. This last week Ian was very needy, mostly for attention, and unfortunately he has figured out that misbehaving gets him attention. Even when I try very hard not to give negative attention it still comes as I have to spend time putting him in timeout (we are currently making a game of getting up and running around the house while in timeout). So Mark cooked twice this week. I'm always so grateful when he cooks. Monday he made homemade hamburger helper. So we had the groundnut stew on Tuesday. Friday was suppose to be chicken pot pie. And Mark had planned on making that for me. But Ian asked for eggs. So we had eggs, bacon and toast. It turned out to be very nice. But since I bought chicken, I still have lots of chicken in the house. So I think this week will be a chicken week. All but Thursday when we grill out at the park with our small group :) I'm looking forward to that. The weather that day is suppose to be in the mid 80s. While I'm not understanding why we can't have 70s (we seem to jump from 60s straight to 80s), I'm excited to grill.

So here is the plan.

Monday: Chicken pot pie (since we didn't get to it last week)

Tuesday: Baked chicken with veggies and potatoes

Wednesday: Asian Peanut Chicken wraps (Organizing Junkie has this on her menu. It looked so good I thought I would try it)

Thursday: Hotdogs and Hamburgers on the Grill at the Park

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday:Dinner with friends. Celebrating J's 30th birthday.

Sunday: Church Mother's Day meal following church then we'll have dinner with my friend C. Her son K and Ian are good playmates. K is turning 3 and wanted Ian to come to his party. I can't believe Ian's friends are turning 3!!! We'll be celebrating Z's 3rd birthday later this month. That means Ian will turn 3 in just a few months! AHHHHHHH

For more menu ideas check out I'm an Organizing Junkie

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