Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God made Everything!

We are still very much in the middle of the "why" stage. Ian continues to ask "why" all the time and about everything. Sometimes he asks "why" about nothing, and I have to ask "why what." This tend to frustrate us both because he doesn't get an answer and I have no idea what the question is to answer. Having run out of answers, on many occasions I simple reply "Well God made it that way." This works great for things such as why is the bird eating the worm, etc. And it came in very handy when Ian once again pointed out that "Momma doesn't have a penis." Just the other day Ian said this to me. I answered with "That's right. I'm a girl and I have a vagina. Daddy and you are boys and have penises." He thought about this awhile. Went on to observe that Cai is a boy and has a penis. Then came the why question. My response: "God made us that way." This seemed to satisfy him. So we went on with our day. Usually Ian takes well to the "Because God made it that way" response. The funny part is now he will tell me all the things God has made. And for the last several weeks we have had many conversations about what God has made verses what people have made. Just moments ago Ian and Mark were putting on Ian's sandals so Ian could go outside and mow with Mark. He had found his old pair from last year and loved how they lite up. After having a long discussion on why they did not fit, he went with Mark to put on his pair. He was telling Mark that his didn't light up. Then he said, "God made them that way." Mark's response: "People made them." The problem with answering with "People made them" is that we always get a "why" after. And after going around and around this question of "why" I tend to concede "Well perhaps God inspired them/the idea." So there you have it. God made EVERYTHING! And I guess when you think about it its true Even synthetic material is created out of natural material. And if God created the material we use and gave us a creative mind to come up with such grand ideas, than how much credit can we take? On some level Ian's right: God made his sandals, his purple ball and him.

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