Monday, December 31, 2012

Boxing Day 2012

We don't have any traditions for Boxing Day. Nor did we really make any this year. Mark got off Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but had to work on Boxing Day. My poor brother got sick. I had been fitting a cold that I'm sure my sons gave to me. It think I shared it with Josh. He can't say I didn't ever give him anything. ;) He spent the day mostly sleeping. Reading some. But mostly sleeping. Of course he choose to sleep on our chair cause gong to lay down in his bed would be admitting that he was sick . Silly boy.

The boys and I spent the morning playing their new games. We had lots of fun playing board games. Then they went outside while I drank coffee and tried to relax. This can be difficult when everyone comes in (one after another) needing to go potty while being all bundled up in snow gear. Think A Christmas Story. I swear Aiden came in not two seconds after he walked out the door. I did spend a few minute outside taking pictures of them playing. Snowball fights were of course part of the deal

 As were making snow angels.

 And laying on their tummies and eating snow right off the ground. Good thing by this point there was a think layer. Builds up their immune system. Right?

The afternoon was spent up on the landing playing with their new legos. Mostly it turned into me putting them together and the boys playing with them.

It was a nice restful day. Not what I had planned. I had wanted to take everyone bowling. Do something fun with Josh around.

 But in the end it was a perfect day. If you ignore the fact that Josh was sick. For me though I had a great time with the boys. Playing, watching them play and watching the beautiful snow.

 A good way to spend the 2nd Day of Christmas.

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