Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Menu Plan Monday- 12/10/12

It may be Wednesday, but I thought I would post my menu anyway. Half way into the second week of Advent and already I feel way behind. I had such good intentions has to having more prepared for Christmas. I still haven't finished decorating. Although really all that is left is our stockings (which I need to get hooks for) and some greenery that I want to hang (branches we cut off our tree that I thought would look nice in other places). So I guess the decorating could be considered done, even if there is more I want to do.  I've currently got cutout cookie dough in the fridge to cut out here in a few minutes. So while there are alot of other cookies I want and still plan on making, I've at least started the list. :) And with the exception of my brother I think I have everyone's gift figured out even if they are not purchased/made yet. Can I blame Ian? He has been home sick since Monday. Monday and Tuesday he had a fever. It finally broke sometime during the night last night but since his temp was still 100 when he went to bed we kept him home today.Poor kid. Being sick is no fun.
Ian and Cai looking at pictures on the computer. Can't you just see how yucky he feels
Especially when the first snow on the ground was yesterday and while his brothers got to go out and troop through the dusting of snow, I made him stay indoors. I'm so mean.
The list dusting of snow we got- taken in the morning
On another note, it was awfully cute watching Aiden make foot prints and raking snow with a stick he found. Oh and don't forget eating any he could get on his mittens. Which of course translates to eating dirt as well cause really there wasn't that much there.
Aiden raking with his stick he found
 It was mostly gone by afternoon and today you can hardly tell it had snowed at all. It's sorta a weird winter thus far. That lack of snow is disconcerting  Not to mention just plane disappointing for little boys who look forward to it every year.
The boys in the afternoon- eating snow off the grill and fence
Okay on to our menu.

Monday: Chicken noodle soup- using these Gluten Free egg noodles  
Tuesday: pancakes (Ian's choice)
Wednesday: Mid Week meal at Church- cookie bake- I'm taking Gluten Free cut out cookies pre-baked so kids can decorate. The hope is that it keeps Cai busy and away from the tons of gluten cookie dough. Plus then he has a treat to eat in the end too :)
Friday:  Sweet Potato and black bean taco salad
Saturday: Leftovers or simple soup
Sunday: Popcorn and apples 

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