Monday, December 31, 2012

Our first "Real" Tree

In front of our tree before we cut it down
In years past, our Christmas tree has been a small 3 ft "fake" tree that I was given in High School by my mother. As kids my brother and I got a new Christmas ornament each year from our Grandmother. By the time I got into High School my mom thought it best if we had our own little tree for our rooms since we couldn't fit all of the ornaments on our family tree. After that we got to pick one from our collection for the family tree and the rest we used on our own little tree. That tree and those ornaments went to college with me. Decorating my dorm rooms and bringing me joy.
At the tree farm
 And when Mark and I moved in together we not only had a tree that fit into our teeny tiny apartment but ornaments to decorate with. :) It served us well. In my opinion at least. Mark my have other thoughts on the matter. I grew up with artificial trees. Never once in my memory did we have a live tree. Mark on the other hand grew up with live trees. They went out each year to cut them from a tree farm.When the farm they got there tree stop doing DIY cutting they would go buy them from their lot. So, I think, not having a "real" tree bothered Mark somewhat.
Mark and I at the tree farm
 Sadly in Kansas we lived in such tight spaces that anything larger than our 3ft tree won't have fit very well. And the advantage of that little "fake" tree was that we could sit it on top of the entertainment center or bookshelf; away from crawling babies and little fingers. Once we moved to Indiana we talked about getting a "real" tree. That first Christmas here we traveled to Kansas over Christmas, thus making getting a live tree seem pointless. After all we wouldn't be here to enjoy it or take care of it. Last year we traveled to Pennsylvania to spend Christmas with Mark's extended family. Same thoughts.
Ian and Cai running among the trees

 So this year when we realized we would be home for Christmas we decided it was time to get that "real" tree we had been talking about for what felt like years. We bundled up the boys and went out to Eby's Evergreen Plantation.
Aiden having just woken up got to ride on Dad's shoulders
We got lost trying to find the place, but after what felt like "forever" to the boys (Aiden fell asleep poor boy) we got there. The boys loved running between the trees and playing hind and seek. Oh and don't forget all the awesome sticks and tree limbs lying around. I swear Cai had a stick in hand almost the whole time.
Cai and his sticks
 It took us awhile to find the perfect tree. In fact in the end it wasn't the perfect tree but we were still pretty pleased with it.
putting it on the van to take back up front to pay and prepare to take home
 As Mark took care of getting the bottom drilled to go on our stand and then put it on the van, the boys and I enjoyed hot cocoa and a visit with Santa. Aiden wanted Santa to bring him a snowman. At that point in time we hadn't seen any snow. To be honest I can't remember what the other two told Santa they wanted. I think Ian said something about the Knex Mario track he really really wanted. In the end it was all a pleasant experience.
all set up!
 Once we got home and got the tree up I was surprised the worse the cats did was sniff and chew on the ends of the needles alittle. Really they have been doing very well.
Our First "Real" Tree with our brand new Star on top :)
We decorated the next day.Sadly I have no pictures of us decorating. Just the finished product.
The whole "dinning half" of our large room
 To be honest I feel the tree is alittle on the big side. Mark says it's just right. Either way it's our First "REAL" Tree. And that is something to be excited about. Even weeks later.
The boys won't all look at me so this is the best we got.