Saturday, December 1, 2012


The table I set at my mom's house for Thanksgiving day  dinner
I had meant to write the post over a week ago. But time seems to have gotten away from me. Resting for the past week after spraining my back and reading book 2 and 3 of the Hunger Games Trilogy (yes I put it off for quite awhile I know) I just seemed to overlook it. (shrugs) Well here is it. A few comments on our trip to Kansas for Thanksgiving, along with what I was thankful for while there. 

The trip itself went really well. And considering we drove the 14 hours in one day rather than two that's saying something. We even got up in time to head to Newton for church at Shalom Mennonite. It was nice to visit and see friends. I think the rest I'll just write as a list.

Things I was thankful for this Thanksgiving

  • Friends who welcome you home after months of being away, all  while preserving the feeling that you were never really gone
  • Happy dances and joyful faces after showing up unannounced at a friends door.
  •  The Nifty Nut House and the joy on little boys faces when Grandma tells them they can pick out their own candy
  • it's about as big as his head!
  • My mother and stepfather who wake up and feed boys while I get a few minutes more rest in bed
  • Cousins so happy to play with the boys and boys so happy to play with older cousins
  • Hannah and Ian looking at the hippo 
  • My dad and stepmom who try so hard to coordinate their visits with mine so that we might spend the holiday together. 
  • My dad and Cai while at the zoo
  • Grandparents on both sides 
  • 4 generations :)
  • Aunts and Uncles
  • My Uncle Curt hiding his face and making Aiden laugh
  • The joy of having my step-sister and her family celebrate with us. Her twin were so cute. 
  • Food. Glorous food. Prepared my loving hands. 
  • The feast my mom made for Thanksgiving Day. I helped out here and there
  • Warm Sunny days and a trip to the zoo
  • Grace and Aiden at the zoo
  • Family traditions- especially the Drennen trip to the Wichita Botanica Illuminations
  • A display at the gardens
  • My little brother and all his quirks
  • Josh. Who has decided he has to be weird in all pictures. Or something
  • A wonderful husband who puts up with (and loves) my quirky family
  • My boys and their wonderful minds. 
Finally I'll leave you with an exchange from Ian and Cai on Thanksgiving day while watching the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade. 
          Cai: I don't like commercials
          Ian: But commercials are important..................... so we can go to the bathroom. 

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