Sunday, April 5, 2009

Combining blogs

I've currently had two blogs going on. This one, which I have used as a way to vent frustrations, express pride and joy in my family, and update loved ones. My other blog Earthmama's Adventures in Green Living, I wrote about my attempts to live a more environmentally conscious life. After months of trying to separate these two parts of my life out, I've found I do not have the energy to keep both up. But I still want to write about all aspects of my life. So I have decided to combine my blogs into just this one. My original reason for starting this blog was to provide a space for me to write about what I was doing; to share ideas, questions, etc. I started the second blog because I was feeling that my family was becoming an intimidating audience. While this has not changed, I feel that I can suck it up and stop caring so much what they think about what I write. I'm only writing one blog. I have no energy to keep my life separated into boxes (or in this case different blogs).

If you would like to see previous posts on Earthmama's Adventures in Green Living feel free to visit. I'll leave it up for awhile. Just won't be posting.

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