Monday, April 6, 2009

Dishwasher turned whiteboard

Sometime early last month I figured out that I could use the front of my dishwasher as a whiteboard. I was trying to figure out how to indicate whether the dishes where dirty or clean. I was hoping to limit the amount of work I had to do. Mark has a tendency to leave them on the top of the washer even if it is empty. :) So my thought was if I could clearly indicate whether it was dirty or clean, maybe we would both load it more. So it tried my dry erase marker and It Worked!! Not only can we not write dirty or clean on the dishwasher, it has provided a space for Ian to draw. He loves drawing on the washer. And after lots of reminders, he understands that he can only draw with the black marker on the blue sticky tack and only of the front of the washer. It doesn't wipe off as well with only a dry towel. I tend to have to get a wet wash cloth. But hey I think it is worth it. And apparently people who stop by and see it are amazed at the idea. It makes me feel very resourceful. Or something :)

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Miriam Friesen said...

I like this. Lots. Great idea, Kristin.