Monday, April 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

So last week's menu didn't get followed very well. Well actually I guess it did. The curry was really well. Mark and I both agreed alittle sweet. I'll need to cut back on the cinnamon and maybe add more turmeric next time. Tuesday, instead of pasta we had the egg breakfast dinner planned for Friday. Thursday it turned out nice that I had planned leftovers b/c I was sick and not up for cooking anyway. Then Friday we did popcorn, apples and cheese. Which again worked nicely as I was still drained by my cold. Here is this weeks meal plan. I'm feeling better, but the boys are dragging a bit. In fact Cai is more cranky than normal so I think he is fighting what I have been fighting. :( I'm hoping no major sicks day.

Monday: Cheezy Broccoli and Rice with turkey .
I saw this link on Little Home and thought it looked really good. The recipe calls for chicken, but I still have just alittle turkey left that should go nicely in it.

Tuesday: grilled hamburgers, maybe homemade baked fries (we'll see how my potatoes look)
Mark has been wanting to grill, and it is supposed to be so nice.

Wednesday: Church meal

Thursday:leftovers (so we can head downtown for the Art and Music Festival earlier rather than later)

Friday: Black bean, zucchini and tomato quesadillas

Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: youth meal at church

Dessert: I have strawberries in my fridge that hopefully I can turn into a cobbler or something. Last week I saw a great recipe for fruit cobbler that I'm excited to try out.

For more menu plans visit I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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