Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Confirmed Admissions and other exciting happenings

So it's official. I got my acceptance letter (or in this case letters) in the mail yesterday from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary. For those confused, I have been planning on applying for seminary for more than a year now. But I knew I wanted to wait to start classes till Cai was about a year. Well yesterday I got a letter from the Director of Enrollment stating that the admissions committee had unanimously voted to grant my admission! I also got a letter from he president confirming this admissions and congratulating me. It's exciting news. But unfortunately it doesn't mean I will actually get to start classes on campus in the fall. Mark still has not found a job. Although he has now applied at Notre Dame in the IT department, and been told about a few other opening by family and friends in the Elkart area. I'll hear back about the full tuition scholarship I applied for in May. Depending on the financial package I receive from the school and government we may be able to head up this summer. It's exciting and scary all at the same time. I'm excited at the idea of attending seminary, while be saddened by the idea of leaving my friends, family, and community here. I'll update you more as we know more.

Other exciting things around here: I got a bike! I'm so excited about this. Last summer I picked up a kids bike trailer at my mother's church garage sale. We have it hooked up to my bike and this morning the boys and I rode around town to do our weekly shopping. It worked so very nicely. Well once I put a blanket under Cai to make him taller so the shoulder straps would hit in the right spot. :) The only thing is now I'm still exhausted and my legs are sore. But if I keep this up I'll be in shape before long. Plus the boys really seemed to enjoy themselves. Ian gets very excited about riding in the trailer. He and I took a short ride on Sunday after we hooked everything up. And Cai seemed to like it as well, just not as much as Ian.

Well I guess my list is actually short. The weather is gorgous around here. We have been spending lots of time outside, both in the morning and afternoon. Cai is pulling up onto any furniture he can and getting into everything. Ian is pretending more and more every day. Just last week he got upset because the lego person wouldn't fit into the digger and he was certain the digger needed a driver. Life is full around here. For those interested I posted Easter weekend pictures yesterday on Picasa web. Feel free to go check them out. The boys look very nice in their Easter outfits. Well guess that's it for now. Got to go help a crying baby.

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