Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goshen Christmas: The music

Music is a big thing around our house. We constantly have music playing, are singing songs, or playing instrument, and sometimes all three at once. And luckily for us, this carries over to when we visit Grandma and Grandpa.Dancing in the living room is a common at least once throughout our stay. :) Always fun to watch (and videotape). Every year another boys joins in the fun of dancing. And we will have at least one more Christmas of this being true.
This year Uncle Eric made Ian a guitar for Christmas. This was most likely the favorite off all the gifts, maybe even over the train table, although maybe they are tied. Ian instantly started playing and singing as soon as he got it unwrapped.
I love that he insists on playing left handed. Although he is right handed in almost every way (sigh). I'm still holding out for Cai to be left handed with me.
While given to Ian, Cai gets as much pleasure out of this gift as Ian does. So much fun to watch. We may just need to beg Uncle Eric to make another for Cai. :)
The evening after our gift exchange, we were serenaded by guitar and banjo to the tunes of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jingle Bells, and other fun songs included some original compositions from our two little musicians. Uncle Eric has made our nephew a guitar for his birthday in November. It turned out looking more like a banjo, but I don't think Josiah minds. In fact the smaller instrument seems to fit better in his hands. Both interstments are personalized with the letter of there name on the top. :) So great! They make me smile. I'm so thankful for the creative work of gifts like these and for the people who take the time to make them.

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