Friday, January 8, 2010

Reflections on Christmas: Christmas morning

This Christmas was really fun, especially since Ian had a better understanding of what was happening. He got excited about helping wrap the gifts for various family members and such. And he was of course very excited about the gifts that started to appear for him. So I was alittle worried about how early he would wake up Christmas morning. And as expected he did indeed wake up very early. Thankfully though he climbed into bed with us and everyone slept till about 7-7:30am. Not bad if you ask me :). Once it was clear that boys were not going to sleep any longer we all got up and quickly put cinnamon rolls into the oven and coffee and water for tea started before sitting down in front of the tree. Ian's excitement caused Cai's excitement (who had very little idea of what was about to happen but was excited none the less).
First came the stocking, which were filled with dark chocolate earth balls, a honey stick, raspberry yogurt covered pretzels, a candy cane and a wooden toy boat for the bath. The boats we found at this nice little toy store Imagine That Toys in Wichita. I was so thrilled to find them, as I've been wanting some nice boats for bath time. The pretzels were throughly enjoyed during the rest of our gift exchange. As seems so true with little ones, unwrapping the gifts was just as fun as the gifts themselves I love watching Cai get all excited about bows, boxes and wrapping paper. :)The train table was a big hit. We had covered it with a blanket and once every other gift had been opened by everyone we told the boys to stay in front of the tree and play with their new barn (Thank you Grandpa Keith and Grandma Janet). Mark and I then quickly uncovered the table and made sure everything was in place. Then we told the boys they could come see. Ian quickly ran over and as soon as he saw the table his eyes light up.
Cai, who had only decided the day before that walking would become his main form of travel, took alittle more time. But was just as excited. It was a major hit and we had a hard time getting them to come to the table for breakfast after. In fact, I don't think Ian ate much of his cinnamon roll.
We finished our morning around the table with fresh, hot cinnamon roll, hot tea, and coffee. It was a very nice morning.
Mark's shirt says "DAD" in binary. It was part of his new Christmas pjs. :) Got to love ThinkGeek for those computer nerds.

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