Thursday, January 28, 2010

Firefighters, Cowboys, and Lions Oh My!

Dress up has started to become common play around here. The most common of which is use of the firefighter coat and the cowboy hat. And yes sometimes at the same time on the same boy. :) Ian is starting to actually act out his play. Riding from room to room on his stick horse with his cowboy hat on. Using parts of my vaccum cleaner as a fire-hose to put of the fire. Turning blankets into capes and flying around the house as a super hero. Taking his drill, hammer and my clamp (which is used as a saw), putting on his hard hat and going to work fixing my house. The excitement never ceases around here. Cai is just beginning to show use of his creative and massive imagination. Mostly he like just putting on the hats and coats. But watching him in other areas such as making noises for his cars and trains, making animals noises when playing with the barn, taking care the baby doll. And cooking! Oh how that boy loves to cook for me. Sometimes in the boys' kitchen and sometimes in mine. It is no longer safe to assume my pots and pans are in the cupboard. Because more times than not they are scattered around the house. :D But the greatest joy of all is watching the boys slowly learn to play together. To share an activity. Although there is still plenty of screaming and frustration, they are truly beginning to play together. Such a gift for mama.

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