Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (Jan 25th)

So I'm finally starting to menu plan again. I actually had last week planned but never posted. Just not in the habit and it got away from me. But I'm determined to make meal planning a habit again. Life is just plain chaotic without it. I swear I run around the house like chicken with it's head cut off without a menu. It's not a pretty sight. So here is this weeks menu. If you see "freezer meal" it means one of the meals (soup, curry, etc) that we still have in the freezer. Yes we still have meals from when I both cooked before Aiden was born and that friends brought over. Big smile :) We use at least one or two a week. But I have been trying to cook some because truth be told I like it. I feel better when I cook at least a few times a week.

Tuesday: Wheat Spinach Strata
Wednesday: Church supper
Thursday: Salmon Broccoli Bake
Friday: Black Bean Lasagna
Saturday: Freezer meal
Sunday: Breakfast dinner
Monday:Veggie Burrito Bake

As always check out Organizing Junkie for more menus.

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