Friday, January 8, 2010

Reflections on Christmas: Chrstmas Day

So I realize that Christmas Day was two weeks ago. But we celebrated all through last week. So bare with me as I slowly get my reflections written down. I want to document this year celebrations. And as seems normal with me, written is not on my top priority so I'm alittle slow getting everything posted :)

After we had all eaten and gotten dressed, we piled into the van and drove an hour north to my aunt's house to celebrate with her family. My folks, grandparents, little brother and younger stepbrother were all there as well. I love visiting my aunt. And despite the fact it was cold, windy and snowing, I was very glad we made the drive up. She made a wonderful ham dinner. And because there were so many of us Grandma and Ian sat at the coffee table to eat. Of course with three large labs running around there was lots of longing looks from the dogs. Really they are all really well behaved. And don't really beg. But it sure is funny to watch them look at you with those big sad eyes.
My aunt also has three boys, now grown. Her youngest and my brother graduated the same year.With my uncle being a High School football coach, it was natural for them all to be athletic and play football along with a slew of other sports. Ian has been into football this fall. Probably due to the fact that Mark watches it with him on the weekend. So this Christmas my aunt gave Ian his very own football helmet and football. It was a big hit.
Ian thought it was very cool. And Cai loved it just a much. Although it's so heavy that Cai can hardly hold his head up with it on. Something tells me there will be football in our future. Even if it is only in our yard. Because my brother lives in the same town as my aunt, we just decided to do our family gift exchange at my aunts house. I was very excited to get dish towels and mini muffin tins. Yes I know I'm silly. But I really really wanted dish towels and mini muffin tins. I'm so turning into my mother and enjoying cooking and baking (well I've always enjoyed baking). A running joke in our family is the difficulty of opening gifts wrapped by my stepdad and my brother. Some years are worse then others. One time my brother got a gift completely wrapped in duck tape. This year was mild in comparison. But that doesn't mean my stepdad went easy on him. It makes me smile every year. And although I know Josh gets frustrated in the process, you always see him smile.
I'm so glad we went and celebrated with all of them. And I know my aunt loved dotting on my children. She always does.

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