Monday, January 11, 2010

Goshen Christmas: The Snow

I love snow. I feel that if winter has to be cold then I want pretty snow to look at. Unfortunately Kansas is not know for getting tons of snow. Although we did have snow this year for Christmas. Even if it was only a light dusting. And we were fortunate enough for come home from Indian with snow on the ground. So today with our low 40s (which feels like a heat wave compared to single digits of last week) I am with sadness watching our snow melt away, revealing the all too familiar brown earth underneath. So I figured today would be a perfect day to start commenting on our trip to my in-laws. And what better place to start than with the lovely snow.I think it snowed for a major portion of our stay in Goshen. But my boys didn't seem to mind. They got lots of opportunities to play outside. And seemed to have lots of fun doing so.
Grandma had found two sled at a garage sale last summer. All three boys (Ian, Cai and my nephbew) loved it. Much time was spent with an adult dragging one or more of them on a sled around the yard. And even Ian dragging Cai. :) While most of the time the snow was not good for packing, New Year's Eve it was perfect. So Ian went out with Grandpa, his uncle and his cousin to build a snowman. It was quite the undertaking, making a snowman with two little boys running underfoot. But they did it with what looked like little trouble. Both boys were radiant with delight with the finished project. Cai and I watched from inside, alittle sad about being left behind. So soon I was bundling Cai up so that we could join in the fun outside. So say that Cai was amazed in downplaying it. His was mesmerized by the snowman. And stood with bright eye looking up at it for quite some time just everything in. He and I then spent some time making snowballs and breaking them apart. Cai had a great time squashing the snow between his fingers. With fresh snow at the end of our trip, I made sure to make snow ice cream. With help from the boys. :) They seemed to like it. But Ian got cold fast and before he even finished his bowl was off to snuggle with Dad and watch football. It was there that he fell asleep and didn't even wake for dinner. Snow will do that to you.

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