Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (Feb 1st)

Well meals last week went mostly well. Friday was an overall overwhelming day. It snowed all day. I decided to brave the snow and go ahead and take the boys to storytime at the public library. However as soon as I got in the car I began questioning my reasoning for even bothering. But since I was already in the car and everyone was bundled I figured why not? So we went to the library. After I got everyone back in to come home afterwards, my car refused to start. The battery had died. ARGGG! So I had to get everyone back out and into the library to find someone who was willing to help me jump our van. Which luckily one of the librarians agreed after I assured her that I had jumper cables and knew how to jump a car. All I needed form her was her running battery. :) Mark took the van in that afternoon for an oil change and new battery. Turns out it was the original. Ok, so long story short I was so overwhelmed by that and the cranky, demanding children that I had no desire to cook. So we ordered pizza. :) Saturday, I was going to make the lasagna planned for Friday, but ended up making this lasagna in stead. It turned out great. My favorite this week though was the salmon bake. It is going into my repeat pile. Tonight's Veggie Burritos is one I haven't tried before. So I'm looking forward to trying it.

Well here is this weeks menu. Two of the recipes I'm going to submit to our church cookbook. So I'll post later about the specific recipes. They are family favorites and I'm excited to share them, as they are my own adaptations of other recipes. Although the original hamburger helper seems to be a figment of my imagination as I have not been able to find it. Maybe I really did just make it up :)

Tuesday: Groundnut Stew w/ Ground beef
Wednesday: Church meal
Thursday: Homemade Hamburger Helper
Friday: Taliatelle with Tuna, bread, veggie
Saturday: Freezer meal
Sunday: Super Bowl Sunday - pizzas maybe? We still haven't decided where and how we'll be watching the game.
Monday: Chili, corn bread

For more menus check out I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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