Sunday, June 6, 2010

DeFries Gardens- Calendar Garden

Today we went with my in-laws to DeFries Gardens Calendar Garden. It is a beautiful place. I was taken away with the beauty of the gardens. And the overall layout of it.
The circular garden is sectioned off into the four seasons. And each season is planted according to month. The brick path has the days of the month written along it and there are posts indicating the start of each month. A beautiful pond lays at the center of the garden. Lily pads float in the pond. And we spotted two green frogs resting in the water among them. There is a deck you can sit up on and look out over the garden. We were all amazed at the stark difference between the June section compared to May and July. The colorful flowers stand out among the bright greens of the rest. Garden is laid out so that you enter into the garden in Spring. We then followed the path counter clockwise towards Autumn. In addition to the frogs in the pond, we saw a small garden snake. Cai was fasinated by the snake and even decided to hand over the side of the garden house in order to see him closer. I so wish we could have stayed longer. There were several corners I would have liked to just sit and breath in the air. As a little girl one of my favorite books was the secret garden. And while I've seen many lovely gardens, there are only a hand full that life up to my imagined place. I think this one makes the list. There was something very peaceful about not only the flowers and plants but the circular movement itself. Almost like a labyrinth. As we climbed back in the car I told Mark we must go back. I want to see what it looks like next month. And in the fall and winter. Plus Ian had fallen asleep on the way and we let him sleep in the car. My mother and father in-law took turns saying with him so we could go enjoy the garden together. :) I hope he will enjoy it as much as the rest of us did.

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