Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Night at the Softball Field

Softball and baseball have quite quickly come a big part of the our lives this summer. Mark and Uncle Tex play in a church softball league for Uncle Tex's church. The boys all love going to watch the game when we can.
In addition to watching softball, we have been playing alot of baseball at home and at grandparent's house. Last summer Grandma Cindy brought back a soft baseball bat and ball from a Toledo Mudhens game (my uncle lives in Toledo). While it got played with some last summer, this summer it has been the most popular of our outside toys. After several nights of constant baseball we decided to get Ian his own mitt, along with a baseball tee. Both have been great additions. The boys love them, and I'm sorta kicking myself for not getting Cai a mitt as well. Even more fun is watching Ian and his cousin Josiah play ball. Currently Ian likes to pitch and Josiah likes to bat. This works well and the boys will spend hours playing together this way. In fact last night they did just that. Last night we went to watch Mark play ball. Aunt Rachel (Mark's sister) and I sat on blankets while the boys played ball almost the entire time, which was two hours. To be honest I think it was more fun to watch the boys play ball than to watch Mark. :) Either way it was a great summer evening of ball.

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