Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garage sale finds!!!

I'm so excited, I just had to share. Yesterday we spend the morning garage saleing. And while I didn't stumble upon alot of great finds, I did get 1 Great one. Check it out. A fire house with all it's accessories. Bunk beds, kitchen, bathroom, dispatch center, living room, firetruck, warning cones, fire hydrant and 4 firefighters to live and work among it all. And here is the great part, I paid $10. Yep! Did I say I was excited? Because I am. And so is Ian. He loves it, and spend about half the world cup game yesterday afternoon playing. And now that we're home from church he is playing again. Putting out fires and such. It's wonderful to watch. Makes my heart smile. My other finds were the Game of Life. The same old version I play when I visit my Dad's folks. A couple of books: a search and find and a removable sticker digger book. Both have made their way to the center box of the van between the boys. (sorry no pic, I'm too lazy to go out to the garage to get one) And a cloth doll that I'm going to fix up for Aiden. There are already fits over the doll I got Ian when Cai was born. So I figure it's time to get another one. Hopefully less fights will accrue with more than one to play with. Than again, it didn't work with me and my brother. He just want to annoy me by taken mine. And I'm well aware the same could be true of my children. :) But I'm hoping for the best. I hope everyone is enjoying this garage sale season. Any great finds?

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