Monday, June 7, 2010

Fresh Picked Strawberries

This morning I got up early to go pick strawberries at one of the local strawberry patches. My sister in-law was going to go with me, but sadly her son was up every 2 hours last night and she didn't want to wake him. However, I still had a great time picking myself. In some ways it was really nice just to be me. No kids, no one else to make conversation with. Just me, my thoughts, the early morning sun and dew and beautiful strawberries at my fingertips. Once I got Aiden down for his morning nap, the older boys and me cleaned and cut up my finds. We set up an assembly line of sorts. Ian cleaned and put into a clean bowl. Cai handed me strawberries and I cut. Of course Cai continued to steal bite out of them. So the boys swapped places. I put water in a bowl for Cai to place the strawberries in. And then Ian handed me the ones from the water. It was slow moving with lots of stops for tasting. But I did get them all washed and cut. And the boys each got a small bowl of fresh strawberries to enjoy for snack. I think I might attempt to take them soon to pick. Although I won't get as many they will enjoy it enough to make it worth it. But for now we'll enjoy the ones we have. :)

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