Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Fridays

First Fridays is a monthly affair in Goshen. And all year round too. Businesses open stay open late, stores have specials, churches and other organizations have food and people flock downtown for the evening. My first time going to First Fridays was actually back in January. It was the second annual ice sculpture contest. And although it was snowing pretty heavily it was so fun to walk up and down the streets. Plus the fire station had opened up for the public to come in and see the fire engines. There was a demonstration on how to correctly use a fire extinguisher and you could even sit in one of the big engines. :) Lots of fun for our boys.

Anyway, this last Friday was June's First Friday. It started off the summer music series. Which we didn't get to hear any of because they had moved the groups inside due to light rain and we didn't know the indoor location. However we did have fun. Maple City Market was grilling hamburgers made from local beef. Which Ian, Cai and I enjoyed. We stopped in Ten Thousand Villages
The boys tried out the obstacle course they had created for their push toys And then we ended up on the court house lawn, eating popcorn, Nathan's hotdogs from the hotdog stand and watching people learn to juggle. Finally we stood in line for balloon animals for Cai and Ian. Ian got a dog and Cai got a caterpillar. While it sprinkled for a few minutes in the beginning, it turned out to be a lovely night. I plan on enjoying the July one come next month. Although I think I would like for June to be lazy in its passing. I'm hoping to really enjoy the summer months.

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