Monday, November 22, 2010

1st Hair Cuts!

I'm a week late posting this event. But it still seems important enough to document, even if late. A week ago we cut the boys' hair. Ian was in desperate need of a hair cut and poor Cai had hair in his eyes on days his front curl decided not to curl as much. So Mark cut all three boys' hair. Which meant that both Cai and Aiden had their very FIRST hair cut on the same day. It still cracks me up that poor Cai doesn't have much more hair than his little brother. I still remember bringing Aiden home from the hospital and discovering that as a newborn he had almost as much hair as Cai who was 15 months. :) I have to remind myself that I too took longer to grow hair as a toddler and now it is indeed thick. In fact the scary resemblance between Cai and my own brother's baby photos makes me wonder if he will be graced with Josh's think curl. One can hope! Truth be told the hair cuts occurred without much fuse or trouble. Cai had trouble keeping still cause he wanted to watch what Dad was doing. Even Aiden did really well. Must easier than I remember Ian's first hair cut being. I didn't let Mark cut much off of either boy. I love Cai's curls so much that it was hard to watch them be cut even a quarter of an inch. But I'm sure both boys are grateful that they no longer have hair in their eyes. And now I have a clipping of all three of my boys baby hair. Gosh how they grow.

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