Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Part 3: Jack O'lanterns

Carving pumpkins was an activity I was not sure I wanted to undertake. But I decided to go ahead and see how it went. I'm glad I did.
The boys enjoyed it. Although I did most of the work.
It's a good thing I like carving pumpkins. With Cai's I did almost all the work including deciding on the design. He did put his hand in to help clean the pumpkin out. But was not very successful in actually getting any of the seeds and such out.
Ian choose his design. I drew it for him but he dictated what he wanted. He even tried cutting out the face but didn't get very far before he was complaining it was too hard and asking me to take over.
The end results turned out great though. And while we never did candles in them, they have been sitting on our porch ever since their creation. I think next year we'll carve jack o'lanterns again. Cause it hardly feels like Halloween without that fun activity. Maybe next year I'll even save the seeds for roasting. :)

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