Monday, November 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- Nov 29th

Logically I know that we start preparations for Christmas right after Thanksgiving, and yet this year somehow it feels too soon. I'm not ready for December. I'm not ready for Advent. And I'm certainly not ready for Christmas. (Although the anticipation of seeing friends and family in Kansas is building.) I want to go back to Thanksgiving. I want more days with my father. More time spent in the kitchen cooking, sharing, smiling. More time around the table eating, laughing and enjoying each other. Sure I spend my days in the kitchen, and every night around the dinner table with family. Somehow it's just not the same. I wish I had a slow down button. Cause time just keeps slipping away faster than I would like. On the bright side, with the start of Advent I get to play Christmas music to my little hearts content without Mark glaring at me. :)
So last weeks meals went well. I did finally make the Pizza Braid Mark had been asking for for weeks. We enjoyed it with my Dad and stepmom. My dad made me my grandmother's chicken noodle and corn soup. :) It's one of my favorite dishes. I made sure to pay attention so I can make it in the future. Not that it's hard to make, just now I know exactly what's in it. Dad also made his green bean casserole for our big family dinner on Saturday. And I successfully made my first pumpkin pie! So this week I'm trying to clean out my fridge again. Here is the menu.

Monday: Peanut Butter noodles with broccoli (Ian's request)
Tuesday: Baked chicken with leftover green bean casserole and stuffing. (Maybe turkey if my mother-in-law has any leftover that she doesn't want)
Wednesday: Autumn Vegetable Soup
Thursday: Leftover buffet
Friday: Homemade pizza
Saturday: Sweet Potato Soup
Sunday: Leftovers or Breakfast

Visit Organizing Junkie for more menus.


RevCindy said...

Oh dearheart, I know exactly what you mean. I am glad you got that time with your dad. Josh was only here a short time. On the other hand, we didn't start decorating until Friday. 8 trees up. Can't wait for the boys to see the outside decorations!! I love you!

musical_bug said...

I too understand your heartache about dad stuff - I miss my daddy all the time, and I would give anything to go back to some of my favorite moments with him and slow it down, if not record them :)

Your recipes never cease to amaze me! You cook with such imagination and creativity! And I'm curious about your peanut butter noodles - what's that about?! I need to come spend a month with you just to learn cooking! :D
Miss you and love you - really enjoy reading up on you and your family! <3

Kristin said...

Here is the link for the peanut butter noodles we like.
I've tried several different recipes and yet seem to always come back to this one.
Part of my so called creativity is just finding new recipes. I love going to the library and finding new cookbooks. I tend to stick to recipes with simple ingredients and mostly I lean towards one dish meals because they mean less work for me.:)