Sunday, November 14, 2010

A birthday cake for Mark

Yesterday was Mark's birthday. In celebration he and I went out for dinner and than had drinks with friends at A Constant Spring. So since the boys wouldn't be around for dinner with Dad, we decided to make him a cake for snack. As it happened the cake mix requires 3 eggs, and I only had 2. So I had a recipe for apple spice cake from scratch and I had a brownie mix. When I asked Ian what he wanted to make (as Mark said either would be great) he said he wanted to make the brownies. So we made brownies.
Now if you've cooked with little kids you know how crazy it can be. I'm proud to say I had 3, yes 3, little helpers in my kitchen while making brownies. And somehow I didn't lose my mind. Only misstep was in clean up. Aiden is certainly entering toddlerhood. He is starting to throw tantrums when things get taken from him. Not sure I'm ready for this. But I think its here either way. After the brownies came out of the oven I made the boys wait for them to cool before we sat down to eat them. This was another hard reality for the older two. But once we sat down, sang Happy Birthday (which only I sang, despite the fact that both Cai and Ian know how), both boys devoured two pieces. Aiden's still not sure he likes chocolate. And after brownies, what do my boys eat cause they are "STILL Hungry" (said in whiny voice) Purple cauliflower picked up from the farmer's market. It is so beautiful!
Happy Birthday Mark! I love you.

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