Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aiden turned ONE!

I'm having trouble seeing my youngest baby as a 12 month old. Even harder is watching him take a few steps here and there. Has a year really past? Saturday we celebrated Aiden's 1st birthday (his actually b-day was Friday the 5th). My aunt and uncle who live in Ohio drove in. Mark's folks and sister and family were here. And a college friend who was visiting her sister came with said sister. It was marvelous.
We ate lasagna rolls, garlic bread, salad and stir fry broccoli. And of course we had chocolate cake for dessert. It's so much fun watching babies have their first taste of chocolate (or any other sweet for that matter). Unlike his brothers, Aiden never really did devour his cupcake. He had a few bits, but most of it ended up on him, smashed on his tray or in his lap. Strange, strange child. I'm not sure if he just didn't know about the taste or if there were just too many distractions surrounding him. But it was fun watching him. And the rest of us enjoyed our cupcakes. All in all it was a great celebration. Still hard to believe that it's been a year since he was born. I've told him as the last baby (or presumably the last as we aren't planning on more) that he is suppose to stay little longer. So far no luck. He is growing in leaps and bounds before my very eyes. Reminds me that I needed to breath and enjoy this time while he is still little. All too soon it will pass.

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