Friday, January 14, 2011

Coffee break for Mama

Do you sit down to drink your morning coffee? I do. I find that if I don't I'm much more frustrated through out the day. And I try to not do "work" while drinking my coffee. Often I read. And while little boys ask questions and draw my attention away, it is still a time that I get to relax.
At least once a week Aiden, Cai and I make a trip over to The Electric Brew, a local coffee shop downtown, while Ian is at school. This too has become a relaxation ritual. While it works better to start the week there, some weeks we end our week there. (Such as this week) And that too can be a good way of winding down the week.
Yesterday started a new "mama" break schedule. My sister-in-law and I have decided to start switching watching boys once a week. Yesterday my boys went over to her house for an hour and half in the afternoon. This meant I got a whole hour at the library to myself. To look at whatever I please. And I didn't even step foot into the children's section. :) I spend the remain 30mins doing a quick grocery trip. Normally I do this on Wednesdays with the younger two boys while Ian's at preschool. But Ian was home for the morning due to stomach bug he had the night before. I'm very excited about this new schedule. And while I'm sure there is lots I could get done here at the house without little boys underfoot, I'm thinking I might just make sure to use this time for me. It would do me some good to do something I want to do, not need to do, every other week. And without the call of little boys to draw me away from said activity. Cause every mama deserves a break!

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musical_bug said...

Love it - pamper yourself every once in a while - You do need a nice break every now and then! Wish I were closer to you so I could enjoy a coffee break with you now and again <3