Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Sledding

 Last weekend's snow storm brought us 8inches of snow. All week it snowed off and on again. Yet we never made it outside, mostly due to illness or busy schedules.
 This afternoon we all got bundled up and went out to the park to sled. Ian was very excited about the whole thing. And it gave me a preview of what years to come might look like. Due to the fact that 2 out of 3 of our sleds are warped, they do not travel straight. Ian found on his first run down that the slightest movement can tip him over. However, rather than cry and be upset (which was the reaction I was expecting) he seemed to make a game out of it.
 I must admit that every turn over made me cringe; waiting for the screams. But he loved it. I'm almost dreading the future as he gets braver in his antics. Cai was not comfortable sledding himself, so he went down the hill with Mark.
 Or sometimes he would just run after Ian. Aiden went down several times with either me or Mark. He seemed to really enjoy himself. We ended up at the bottom of the hill in the soft snow to play.
Pushing snow around, throwing snow balls, and just exploring. Ian and I even made snow angels before we left.
 We all had a wonderful time. The perfect way to spend the afternoon.

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