Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Fridays- Fire and Ice 2011

I love First Fridays in Goshen. It always provides a nice reason to go downtown and spend time together as a family outside our home.
And being this was the second January Fire and Ice Festival I've gotten to attend, it must be said that January is quickly becoming on the favorite list of months for First Friday events.
I truly enjoy watching the artisans carve the ice with both chain saws and hand tools. And the finish products are always amazing. To add to the splendor both this year and last year it snowed. So while it was cold, it was so pretty.
Watching the snow fall, seeing beautiful ice sculptures and then dashing into stores to get warm and check out sales and art shows. The boys also seemed to enjoy watching the sculptures being made.
And it was fun to see if they could figure out what the different sculptures were. Some were easier than others to determine.
All in all it was a wonderful night. We went home cold but soon snuggled up in warm pjs, under warm blankets with warm stories to guide little boys to dreamland.

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