Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday Bowling

 Brain storming filled up our Saturday morning hours. While playing outside in the snow is lots of fun, Mark and I both agreed we need more indoor activities that take us away from our house. Cause sometimes you just need to be away from your living space. Among the ideas was bowling.
 We easily got Mark's sister and her husband to agree to come with us. So a Sunday afternoon of bowling with little boys began. This is the first time we have taken the boys bowling. And truth be told it's been at least 5 (probably closer to 6) years since I last went. It was an adventure to be had.
 We occupied two lanes, one for the grownups and one for the kids. All three older boys were very excited about the whole ordeal. It was fun to watch them work on rolling the ball down the lane.
 The bowling alley has metal runners for kids to push their balls down, but both were being used when we got there. So the kids didn't get a change to use them until the last two frames.
If I remember correctly Ian got the highest score at 36. With his cousin Josiah and Cai close behind. I think Mark won our game. But I did not pay as close attention to the scores. Mostly I was too wrapped up in watching the boys play and trying to keep an eye on Aiden.
 Poor guy wanted to play so badly. Another year I think it will be possible. It was certainly a fun filled afternoon. After a long game of bowling, we headed to Rach's (Mark's sister) house for homemade pizza. Yummy!

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