Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aprons for the boys

About a year ago I made this apron for Ian using some fabric I picked up at a local second hand store. I used measurements from this blog post: "How to make a kid -sized chef apron." I had stumbled onto from this wonderful site listing on 52 free apron patterns. Really there are some great patterns. Check it out
Anyway, lately Cai has been wanting to help in the kitchen. When I have the energy to direct him this is great! However, if both boys want to help, one apron was not enough. And the fights were getting out of hand. So having fabric left (I think the original piece was 2 yards), I decided it was time to make another. Using Ian's apron as my guide I wiped up another apron.
Both are two layers. Ian's is the green knit fabric on the front and red canvas left over from the mei tai I made last spring on the back. Cai's is green knit on front and the back was from a yellow t-shirt. :) I also used the yellow t-shirt scraps for the ties and used elastic for the neck strap.
I cut Cai's 2 inches shorter since Ian's was dragging on the floor when he wore it. I think it turned out ok. Cai even seems to like it. Now I just have to remember to get them on the boys when working the in kitchen.

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