Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Through Ian's Eyes

I must confess I'm a perfectionist. And while there are times when this is a wonderful trait, at other times it only hinders me. This comes to light when I have my camera out. I want so much to capture the best of my world that I sometimes in fact mess those moments worrying about trying to take the perfect picture.
We have allowed Ian to take pictures with our camera for over a year now. Often times I delete almost every picture he takes, but in the past months more and more of his photos have been kept. In his excitement to just take pictures he doesn't worry about whether they are perfect.In fact I'm sure the very idea of the perfect picture is beyond he realm of thinking. He's joy in the process allows his eyes to capture anything and everything without judgment.I find that even the pictures I delete are full of wonder with the color and shapes, sometimes sharp, sometimes blurred.It a joy to see what captures his attention, what he chooses to photograph. Maybe there is a purpose, maybe not. Either way it's a picture of the world through his eyes.

In case you didn't already guess, all pictures in this post were taken by Ian.

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Miriam Friesen said...

This is awesome. Way to be open to the wonder of Ian's world! Sometimes I forget just how interestingly different it is to be a kid than a grownup.