Friday, February 5, 2010

Christmas Stockings

I'm either really late or really early in making our Christmas stockings. Either way I'm just excited to have them together.
I had wanted to make these in time for our '09 Christmas. Having a new baby in Nov really slowed me down. Plus, as I've mentioned, my sewing machine was on the fritz and I just recently got it in to be fixed.
I must admit it feels extremely good to have them cut and sewn together. I'm going to pack them up now and wait later in the year to decorate them. I haven't decided whether to add names or initials to personalize them for each of us.
I'm sure by the time next Christmas rolls around inspiration will strike. And even if it doesn't it's ok. They will be much better than the tiny decorative stockings I used this Christmas. For the pattern I used is a stocking that I found in a box of stuff I pick up from my local Freecycle. I'm so glad I had kept it.
I traced around it on the legs of several pairs of old jeans I had saved for this purpose. Then I sewed them together using a french seam. I like them better with the seam showing. Don't know why. Just thought it looked good.

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