Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunny days in the dead of winter

It's started to warm up just alittle around here. Which makes outside adventures so much more appealing. Add to that the sun shine and we can't help but want to be outside.
Last Saturday we spent at the afternoon at the zoo. It was nice to be out of the house. And we planned it perfect because Sunday a cold front came through.
I love taking the boys to the zoo. Their wonder at the animals is written all over their faces. It's fun to see what will excite them as it seems to change every trip.
The gorillas this trip were the biggest fascination. Two of them chased each other across the indoor exhibit and the boys' eyes light up in excitement watching them play.

Yesterday it warmed up again. And so the boys and I spent the late morning before lunch outside.
I had found a bicycle just Ian's size at my local second hand store and was excited to show him. Unfortunely he decided to try to get on as I was getting his brothers settled outside and fell down. I got him on the bike once before he refused to get on again, saying he would fall down. Hopefully we can get him to try again with our help. :) I'm excited at the idea of him learning to ride.
We ended up then spending the rest of our time in the backyard on the swing set and in the sand box. Aiden and I laid out and soak up the sun rays.
Other than a squable about keeping sand in the sand box it was a nice morning. The squable was over Cai throwing sand out of the sandbox and onto the ground. Ian didn't want him to and tried to stop him. Little things light this I try to let them work out, only coming to the rescue if needed. However, I must admit it's hard to remember that although Ian understands much he does not grasp that Cai just is not at his level of understanding.
Aiden has been growing by leaps and bounds. Pushing up on his hands, trying to roll over (and sometimes succeeding), and finding the joy and fascination of hands. :)
Every one of us seemed to need the change to soak in the sun, breath the fresh air and just be free in the emptiness and openness. It felt very fitting for Ash Wednesday to be spent outside among the barren earth. From dust we come and to dust we shall return.

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